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Nothing is more aggravating than to go to get something important or valuable out of your safe only to find out that you can’t get your safe open. What should you do if your safe won’t open?
There can be a variety of reasons that your safe won’t open. Many safes today open via an electronic keypad.

  1. Sometimes the safe bolts can jam.
  2. If you enter the wrong code too many times, many safes will go into a lockout mode and the keypad will start emitting rapid beeping sounds. Stop and wait for 20 minutes or so and then try again.
  3. The wiring could be damaged. Remove the keypad cover and inspect the wiring to see if they are bent or have come loose or been cut.

Do Not Try and Open the Safe Yourself

Safe’s are sensitive and It’s easy to damage a locking mechanism if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might succeed in getting the safe open but damage it so badly that it cannot be used anymore. Safes can be expensive depending on the make and model you have so it might not be easily replaced.

In the process of trying to get the safe open, you might break the lock and still not be able to open the safe. If this happens, the safe will be sealed shut permanently with all of your valuables inside.
Forget about calling the safe manufacturer.
Most manufacturers will require you to provide proof of ownership via a proof of purchase and a notary public to verify your signature to authenticate
that you are who you say you are and then fax or mail with a fee before they give you any information about how to get the safe open. 

The best thing to do is to call a professional locksmith to help you get the safe open. A locksmith will have the experience and expertise necessary to help you get into the safe. Depending on the type of lock that the safe has, they will probably be able to open the safe without damaging it. If the safe won’t open because of some malfunction, they also have the experience necessary to repair it.

After you call the locksmith, be sure to try to recall what’s in the safe. You don’t have to give the locksmith a list of the contents of the safe, but they should know if the safe contains documents or fragile objects that can be easily damaged. You will also need to tell them the brand and model of the safe, so you may want to locate that information so it will be handy in case repairs need to be made.
While the locksmith is there, you may want to discuss whether your safe is meeting your needs. The contents of your safe are some of the most valuable and important items you own. To ensure their protection, the quality and design of your safe are just as important. If you are not happy with the safe you have, a professional locksmith can recommend the best type of safe for your needs and provide you a reasonable quote for the make and model of your choosing. 

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