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Although the keypad door locks are often used in the residential field, namely apartment complexes, these types of locks are more commonly used as a commercial storefront door lock due to the unique set of features contained within them. Keypad door locks are the ideal choice if you do not want to sacrifice security but have a larger number of employees that need catering to. The main advantage of this type of commercial storefront door lock is that you are not limited on how many people will have access, as well as there is no need for each individual to have a key. They just punch in the present door code, and they will be given access to the premises. There are also certain models of the keypad door locks that are completely keyless. This takes away the worries of the possibility of the lock being picked, bumped, or bypassed in any manner.

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If you are looking for strength and reliability, then the mortise commercial lock is the way to go. They have a proven track record over the years to stand up to constant and consistent use, meaning that they need to replaced less often than most commercial locks. The mortise locks are very similar to the cylindrical locks mentioned before but are more impressive in their function. These types of locks have several elements within the locks, that when working in conjunction with one another offer a very secure choice for commercial storefronts. Another advantage to this type of lock is the construction of the locking bolt within the mechanism, lending the lock to less accessibility making it more resistant to a forced entry.

Panic bars, or crash bars, are another type of commercial storefront door lock that you are sure to have come into contact with multiple times in your life, but never really knew what they were called. These types of door locks are used in a wide range of commercial settings, but for the most part not commonly used in residential settings.

Having been first utilized in the UK, these types of door locks were essentially developed for their sheer ease of use when exiting commercial premises. Panic bars are very different from other commercial storefront door locks. They
arekeyless, and do not have a cylinder or rotary motion involved to engage the opening device. Panic bars are simple in their operation in that they are simply operated through the pushing of a long handle or bar. Once pressure is placed on this bar, the internal mechanics simply retract the latch that is keeping the door closed.  Although many panic bars are used in places of emergency exits, and some will trigger an alarm when activated, they are seen in non-emergency areas as well
. Basically, once you determine exactly what type of protection you are looking for, then you will be more likely to find the perfect commercial storefront door lock for your situation.  

Mortise Locks

When running a business, one of the most crucial areas to keep in mind is your businesses security.  Namely, the type of locks on your commercial storefront doors are a very integral part of that security. There a lot of things to considering in choosing the commercial door lock that is right for your business. Are you just looking for security? Or are you looking for long time reliability as well? Are you looking for a lock that is geared towards one or two users, or that will cater to the needs of multiple employees? Maybe a lock that is just quite simple in its execution? In this article, we will take a look at four different types of commercial door locks, in the effort of helping you find one that will meet your business needs.

Cylindrical lever locks are one of the most widely used types of commercial door locks. Chances are, at some time in your life, you have more than once come into contact with this very type of lock.  Although cylindrical lever locks are not considered to be exclusive to only commercial use, they are also not the first type considered for residential either. The main reason for this that cylindrical lever lock is engineered expressly for extensive and frequent use as in the commercial field. These types of locks hold up longer, and stronger to frequent and steady use, unlike your common residential locks would. The cylindrical lever lock can be triggered either from the use of a key, or a combination of a key and a push lock.

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