A smart key's primary form of security is its use of rolling security codes. The system randomly selects the correct code and prevents thieves from hacking it through the use of a code grabber device. The vehicle's computer must recognize the code emitted by the smart key and verify it before starting the engine.

The Smart Key FOB has no physical key to insert into the ignition, it is battery operated and opens the door remotely by pressing a button on the FOB. Sometimes, however, the FOB battery can run down before you have time to replace it. If that happens, you may still be able to get into your car. 

Hold your key FOB right next to the driver’s side door handle and try to open the door. The FOB might have just enough battery power left to unlock the door.

If the FOB has a leather jacket surrounding it, remove that leather jacket. Most manufacturers hide a very small key inside the FOB. IF you can expose the key, release the catch and pop out the spare key. Then use the key to open the driver’s side door. You can also use that small key to start the car, if necessary.

Many vehicle manufacturers will only allow their authorized dealerships to program or replace their smart keys. However, some, like Toyota, will release their codes to an approved automotive locksmith for programming or replacement of the smart key.

All transponder key fobs need to be programmed. Programming these remotes usually requires the automotive dealership or locksmith to connect a diagnostic tool to the vehicle to program the fob. Most automotive locksmiths should have a diagnostic machine.
If you lose your electronic key fob or damage it, an Automotive Locksmith will usually have the equipment and expertise to replace it or can advise you on the best and most cost effective method available.
An automotive locksmith provides a reliable, less expensive method of getting your key cut and recoded at the dealership.  Locksmiths have the diagnostic tools and equipment to make you a replacement smart key.  They can use the VIN number of your vehicle to obtain the secure rolling codes from a secure, approved dealer database to create a new smart key for your car any time, any day of the week. Most locksmiths will also be able to reset your car’s computer.
Automotive locksmiths stay current of the latest key technology and are trained to perform programming a transponder, VAT  & smart key.

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Keyless entry is a modern system of opening and locking your car that does not use traditional keys. You can lock and unlock all the car doors with just the push of a button, so it is more convenient than using a metal key. You don’t have to open each door to let the other people enter or exit the car anymore. One question that comes up time and time again is what happens if your Key FOB doesn’t work?

FOBS contain a transponder chip which electronically communicates with the vehicle’s navigation system to tell it to open or securely lock the car. It has to be near the car for it to work. Each car has its own specific procedure to program a new FOB remote. As such, only a licensed automotive locksmith or the dealership of the make of your car can replace and program the transponder chip.

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