Pro Locksmith Clearwater © All Rights Reserved.1) Locks are designed to protect.

We use locks to protect something valuable or precious. We lock our homes to protect our precious families from harm and keep our valuables from being stolen. Businesses use locks to protect the lives of employees and keep thieves from stealing the assets of the business. 

2) Every lock has a key.
Some locks use a physical key or a key card.  Others use a code, which is entered into a digital keypad, electronically transmitted via remote control, turned to with a dial, or activated via a computerized scanner.

3) All locks can be opened.

No matter how advanced the technology for lock mechanisms becomes, there is always a way for a lock to be opened. A lock that uses a physical key can be picked by imitating the key pattern, moving around the inner components of the locking device with metal tools, and applying tension. Locks that open via digital codes or computerized signals can be hacked or bypassed to access the lock mechanism. 

4) Anyone with the key or code can open a lock.
If you hire someone to install a lock in your home or business, you to be confident that that person sill does not share your key or code information for the locks they installed with anyone else or use it on their own to access your home or business.

Since there is no lock that can’t be picked, hacked, or bypassed, the best protection you can have is to make it difficult for someone to access the keys or codes to your lock system. Most criminals will choose a home or business that they can easily gain entry to. If you make it difficult for them to access your home or business, they will likely just move on to some other home or business. 

Upgrading your locks to more advanced locks that are harder for a criminal to pick, hack or bypass is one way to protect your property. Using a professional, licensed locksmith bound by a code of ethics not to share your lock information with anyone else or use it himself or herself is another way to protect your property. for more information about the lock, service visits our page.

Pro Locksmith Clearwater © All Rights Reserved.

  • Padlocks are the most commonly used type of locks because they cost less compared to the other types. Padlocks are portable with a  “ U “ shaped shackle that can be passed through an opening.


  • ​​The traditional entry lock provides a medium level of security. It allows locking from both inside and outside by manipulating its two doorknobs. Usually, the inside knob can be unlocked by a twist or pressing a button while its outside knob can be twisted in the cylinder by using a key.

  • ​A deadbolt is a bolt that can be turned to push the bolt into the doorjamb and strike the plate of the doorframe.

  • A card key access system uses a mechanical keypad, or magnetic card reader, or a biometric read that scans fingerprints or the eye iris to activate the locking mechanism to open. 

  • ​A digital lock or remote control lock has a unique code that is either entered directly by the user or communicate via a computerized chip or software to open the lock.
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Most people think of locks as simple mechanisms that have two functions, to open to something and to close up or lock something away. While all locks are mechanisms, not all locks are simple.

 There a lot of different types of locks:

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