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Everybody likes to save money and there are a few ways you can avoid some of the more expensive locksmith services and save on the security services you need.

How to choose affordable locksmith and save some money?

Call a locksmith during normal operating hours

Rarely do people call a locksmith unless it is an emergency, yet there are some things that can be done 
at anytime. Calling a locksmith before it is an emergency can save you money. Locksmiths charge additional fees to come out on a 24/7 basis and late night or weekend calls often cost twice the normal hour fees.

Have a locksmith make a spare key before you need it

Car keys used to be fairly easy to get replaced on the spot. Today’s cars, however, have transponder keys or smart keys that have built in computer or transponder chips so they require cutting and complex coding in order to be duplicated.  If you lose your key, the locksmith has to access a manufacturer’s key files in order to obtain the codes and then cut and code the key. These keys can run $150 or more + the locksmith labor fees.

If you did not get a spare key made by the dealer when you purchased the car, you can get a spare key made anytime, before you actually need it. A locksmith can duplicate a key at a much lower cost than making a new key. For some FOB and proximity keys, you can buy the FOB or proximity key yourself and then just pay a locksmith to program it to your car, thus saving you money. 

Have locks rekeyed rather than replaced

If you are moving into a new home or needing to change your locks after a break in, the most natural instinct is to get all new locks. A whole new lock means changing out all of the hardware and keys. If you have a lot of doors, this could be a big cash outlay. Rekeying the locks would allow you to keep the existing hardware and just have the lock’s inner cylinder replaced to take a new key. Rekeying prevents previous key holders from gaining entry to your home while saving you some money.

Replace cheap locks systems with a durable, high-quality system

Many home builders cut corners and try to save money by installing cheap locks that are made of materials that do not last and perform poorly over time. These types of locks frequently jam or don’t operate correctly. When it comes time to replace the locks, don’t buy cheap lock systems only to have the same problem in a few short years. Talk to a locksmith about evaluating your locks system and buying durable,
high quality locks in bulk. Locksmiths receive trade discounts from suppliers and can often obtain locks at costs far less than you can find them on your own. Additionally, if you purchase the locks and the installation from a locksmith, they may be inclined to provide you a discount on the labor fees.

You should strongly consider developing a relationship with a reputable, affordable local locksmith. Locksmiths like any service provider, value regular clients and will go out of their way to provide them priority service and inform them of any discounts or specials to keep their business.

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