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Video surveillance systems are widely used in business to make sure every aspect of the property is safeguarded. While good locks are a great start, they are not enough alone to protect the employees, building, inventory and customers of a decent sized business. 
There are a lot of reasons to consider installing a video surveillance system for your business. 
1.    To reduce and prevent theft.
When security cameras are strategically placed around your business, it can deter potential burglars or vandals if they know you have the ability to film them in the act. Additionally, a video surveillance system can stop employees or outside contractors from stealing.
2.    Real time monitoring of critical areas
Many businesses have critical areas where the more valuable assets of the business are placed. Authorized personnel can monitor those critical areas from mobile or desktop computers anywhere at anytime. 
3.    Improve Employee Productivity
Video surveillance systems in factories or plants can improve overall production because managers can use it to monitor their employee’s efficiency. Employees are more likely to work harder at doing what they are supposed to do and take fewer “goof off” breaks when they know they are being monitored on video. 
4.    Clear Proof of an Incident
No matter how well you prepare for an accident or how well you train your staff on safety protocol, accidents are going to happen. Over 5,000 fatal workplace injuries occur in the U.S. each year.  However, there are those incidences where a visitor, customer or employee falsely claims they have injured themselves on your property due to your negligence. Having a surveillance camera in place to record the details of the entire incident. This can help in determining exactly what happened, and the extent of the business’ liability in the event of an insurance claim. 

5.    Visual Evidence for a Police Investigation
Anyone that has conducted some type of criminal activity in or around your business will be caught on camera. That camera footage is evidence that cam be used in a police investigation to identify the perpetrator and help in their conviction. 

6.    Monitoring of restricted areas
Most businesses have areas that are restricted to authorized personnel only due to safety reasons or proprietary intelligence reasons. A video surveillance system is invaluable in monitoring who gains entry to those areas. 
IP video surveillance systems are cost effective compared to the cost of hiring a full-time security guard and gives you the added benefit of being able to monitor multiple locations in the business simultaneously around the clock. 
If you’re thinking about installing a new video camera surveillance system, our experienced commercial locksmiths can install your IP security cameras with network video recording. (NVR) These systems have the most recent technology, HD image quality, and they allow you to easily view video recordings from a computer or smartphone.