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The holidays bring with it the excitement of people getting together to celebrate with family and friends. Many will travel during the holidays. Last year, a record 100 million people traveled at least 50 miles away from home during the holidays, according to the AAA Auto Club.
One of the worst things that can happen when you are traveling is to lock yourself out of your car either by locking your key in the car or losing your keys.

How to Prevent Being Locked Out

  • Have a spare key on you or your vehicle at all times. You can get little magnetic lock boxes that can be placed on the undercarriage of your car to ensure that you always have a spare key on you.

  •  Make sure you give a spare key to a family member.

Put a little tag on your keys that has your contact information.
Someone may find your keys and then have a way of returning them to you.
Every time you exit your car, go through a mental checklist of what to get out of the car or do before you lock it. Wallet? Turn off the Lights? Keys?

What to Do if You Lock Yourself Out?

Walk all around the car looking in to see if you see the keys and looking down on the ground to see if you dropped the keys.
Check all the windows and doors to see if one might still be open.
If you left a spare key with a friend or a family member, make that call now.
If Steps 1-3 have failed, you will likely want to call a locksmith. Many have mobile service that can be at your location in as little as 20 minutes and make you a replacement key using the Vin # on your windshield. The new key will be cut and programmed to your vehicle and you can be back on the road in no time!
Since you are already getting a replacement key made, have the technician make a second key at the same time, it will save you time and money.