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Don’t try to pry open your mailbox. This probably goes without saying, but if the package you’ve been waiting for is in there and your desperate to get it, you may want to go to extreme measures. You’re probably not going to get in there, but if you do, USPS carriers simply will not deliver mail to unlocked or unsecured boxes, so you’ll have to fess up to what you did.

Nothing is more embarrassing than calling someone to help you out, only to discover that your elusive key was sitting in a pocket all along! Double check all of your clothes pockets and any extra compartments in your bags making sure you can absolutely eliminate the possibility that they are somewhere on your person, in your home or vehicle.

Losing a key is always frustrating! Keys seem like such easy things to hold on to, yet we’re always misplacing them. You’ve just gotten home, you head towards the mailbox to check if you’ve received anything, you search for your key and have the sudden realization it’s missing. It can happen to anyone at any time, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared, and have a backup plan in case you do misplace the key to your mailbox.

If you’ve lost your mailbox key, take a deep breath. Here’s how to get into your mailbox if you’ve lost your key.

If you own your mailbox, you can contact a locksmith to access your mail as soon as possible. A locksmith will be able to open your mailbox and cut you a new key for the mailbox. Most locksmiths can come out to you same day or the next day, so it’s the best way to get access urgently.

Do a little research about the locksmiths in your area and look at reviews before giving a locksmith a call. The service call fee for the locksmith you use will depend on where you live, so it’s a good idea to ask for a quote.

Losing your mailbox key is frustrating, but it’s far better than losing your front door key. So, whether you’ve lost your mailbox key or all your keys, the best thing to will likely be to call a locksmith to come and restore your access as soon as possible.

  • If you’ve exhausted all other options, and your mailbox is owned by USPS, you’ll need to order a replacement key.

  • If your mailbox is at the post office, don’t forget that you were given two keys when you first got it, so there’s a chance the other is lying around somewhere. If you’ve lost both, you can get a replacement by filling out this form (1094) in a few days.

  • If you own the mailbox and live in a single family property, you can contact the manufacturer of your mailbox and give them the number of your mailbox. They will then be able to issue you with a new key for a fee, though this will take several days, and you’ll need to be around to receive it.   

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If you’re renting an apartment, ask the landlord, superintendent or building manager for a replacement. Depending on the specific rules of your building and mailboxes, your building may be able to get you a replacement to you in a few days for a small fee, or give you a spare.

DON’T Try to Pry It Open! 

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